Hiking Kjeragbolten With Outdoorlife Norway

Norway is an incredible country, and I have plans and a booking to head over to Norway and hike to Kjeragbolten with Outdoorlife Norway. I used them to hike to Preikestolen in November 2019 and their service was outstanding, and so after reaching out to them we arranged to do two episodes on hikes they offer in the Stavanger region: Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten

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It’s the ‘Majesty Of The Lysfjord’. A two and a half hour drive from Stavanger, 1100m elevation and about 11km distance, this hike will set you back three hours each way… and it is so worth it!

Placed By The Trolls

I could tell you that this was formed by glacial movement. I could expertly copy Johannes in the podcast as if it were my own knowledge. I could tell you that over multiple Ice Ages, massive glacial movement has broken rocks and transported them across and along the fjords and that this boulder has been stuck for 10,000 years…

But we want the truth, damnit! So here goes:

There is a lot of folklore in Norway due to the fact there are a lot of random, solo boulders atop mountains. They say that these large trolls would have fought each other, leaving the debris that we now see today. This boulder just so happened to get stuck in this incredible location between two mountains.

Well, I’m glad I cleared that up. You’re welcome.

A Rewarding Hike

Using Outdoorlife Norway a lot of the gear that you need will be provided for, and detail helpfully with the kit that you will need to bring. Failing that, they offer rental for any bits you may have forgotten.

The day starts with the transit to the start of the hike. Depending on the season (and if it’s not a Saturday), you get a 1 hour fjord cruise with your Outdoorlife Norway booking. If you have a good eye, you’ll see the boulder from the fjord!

You then start the hike at 640m after driving up a 27-hairpin mountain road to the trailhead. You haven’t even started yet and you’ve experience fjord cruises and mountain driving (although we’re missing the fast sports car here!).

You then start the hike, and climb three hills. Johannes sweetly names the first one “The Killer Hill”. Straight up with serious elevation, you need to be in good shape with some preferable hiking experience. It’s a good way to gauge how you will be, and – although they try to avoid as much as possible – you may be turned around if you’re not up to par with the guides and team!

The rest of the hike includes views of snow caps, valleys, two more of those lovely and easy-going hills like the first one, until you reach the Kjerag mountain itself.

Listen on below to find out more!

Sitting Above The Fjord

Hanging at 984m above the fjordnearly a kilometre into the sky – you may want to think twice to stand on the boulder. As far as we know, no-one has fallen off of the boulder. But this is probably due to the consequences. Outdoorlife Norway deliver detailed and strict guidelines and lessons on how to stand on the rock, and if there is the slightest of bad conditions it’s a no.

There’s no need for bravado here. If you slip and fall, that’s it. Remember, it’s supposed to be a fun hike with others!

It’s all about positive re-enforcement and Johannes explains how they actually have a high-five system for anyone that decides that they are just going to enjoy the view from the side and not climb to the boulder. A great way to encourage one to not push beyond their limits in this setting.

Beautiful inverse clouds from the top!

Wonderful Service With A Smile

Having used this company first hand I highly recommend you consider using them. In fact, I’ll say just use them. Outdoorlife Norway’s service, history, gear, and all else is fantastic. The convenience that you receive with a guide from the route to the correct kit is simply fantastic. You can click here for guided hikes to Kjeragbolten. Having gone in November for Preikestolen, I’d recommend autumn as a wonderful time to visit there area too, with their autumnal guided hike

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa! YouTube video is below.

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“Being interviewed about our passion – guiding in the Norwegian outdoors – was a true joy with Chris. He is enthusiastic and professional. He made us feel comfortable with engaging in something new to us – producing a podcast. The final result inspired us as much as Chris, and will hopefully inspire more listeners out there to pursue new outdoor adventures.”Johannes Apon, CEO Of OutdoorLife Norway, Episodes 24 And 25


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