Laura Bingham

“It was such a fun chat with Chris, the conversation flowed with ease! With plenty of good, thought-out questions to provoke some interesting chats”

Laura Bingham, Adventurer, Episode 109

Anna Blackwell

“I’m going to be honest, this was one of the best podcast interviews I’ve had the pleasure of doing… If not the best! Chris had clearly done his research and put a lot of thought into the questions he asked, which meant he avoided asking the usual questions I’m so used to answering. I loved that, I had to really think about my answers and reflect on my experiences. Most importantly though, it was a huge amount of fun!”

Anna Blackwell, Adventurer, Episode 102

Sunny Stroeer

“Chris is an excellent podcast host. He structures his podcasts in a thoughtful, original manner with the intent to draw out new perspectives and information that his guests haven’t shared before. Chris is a master of conversation and a pleasure to listen to, or chat with!”

Sunny Stroeer, Endurance Athlete and Expedition Leader, Episode 107

Ray Blakney

“Chris is the perfect mix of totally prepared and relaxed in all of his interviews. He was able to bring back memories of trips and travels that I had totally forgotten about and even helped me gain insight on things I had not realized before about my travel experiences.”

Ray Blakney, World Traveller and Entrepreneur, Episode 101

Matthew Robertson

“It’s always a joy to talk with a fellow lover of the outdoors, enjoy your journey and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the future”

Matthew Robertson, Outdoorsman and Founder of Momentum Life, Episode 103

Jenny Tough

“Coming on as a guest for Between the Mountains Adventure Podcast was an absolute pleasure. Chris has a gift for interviewing, and I felt like I was having a great chat with an old friend. I can honestly say that Chris only asked questions I hadn’t been asked before, and it was clear that he had thoroughly researched and prepared for the episode. 5/5, would podcast again :)”

Jenny Tough, Endurance Runner, Adventurer, and Bikepacker, Episode 104

Hayley Gendron

“It was such a pleasure being interviewed by Chris. He was fun, easy-going, and impressively well-researched! Although it was our first time talking, it felt like I was catching up with a long-time friend, and our hour-plus chat absolutely flew by. I was honoured that he asked to talk about the issues that matter most to me, and dig a lot deeper than just surface level travel stories. To me, the most beautiful part about podcasts is that—as with Indigenous oral histories—they create and require strong listening skills, and Chris exemplifies exactly what a great listener looks and sounds like. Thanks so much for having me!”

Hayley Gendron, Adventurer and Advocate for both Climate Change and Indigenous Rights, Episode 99

Luc Mehl

“I’ve never been interviewed by someone who had done so much preparation! Chris kept catching me off-guard by already knowing my experience and preferences, and it allowed us to dive deeper into the conversation. Somebody give this guy a sponsorship! Keep up the good work Chris.”

Luc Mehl, Adventurer and Packrafting Author, Episode 98

Ryan Cook

“It was an absolute pleasure to come on the podcast and speak to Chris about travel. It felt like speaking to someone I had known for years and someone who really hung on your every word. It could well have taken place in any pub, hotel or hostel in the world and would have felt just as comfortable! It’s incredible how he is bringing together so many incredibly like minded people to talk about something we are all so passionate about!”

Ryan Cook, Travel With Cooky Blog, Episode 60 and 68

Bonita Norris

“Love the podcast and was such a pleasure being interviewed on it. I’ve learnt so much since discovering it and my psych to get out and go climbing has gone through the roof. As a contributor and listener- thank you!”

Bonita Norris, Mountain Climber and Adventurer, Episode 88