Hiking Preikestolen With Outdoorlife Norway

Norway is an incredible country, and in November 2019 I was fortunate enough to hike Preikestolen, with Outdoorlife Norway. Their service was outstanding, and so after reaching out to them we arranged to do two episodes on hikes they offer in the Stavanger region: Preikestolen and Kjeragbolten.

You can see from my vlog that Preikestolen was just simply beautiful. I was planning on doing a podcast, but instead of waffling on I thought “why not invite the company on to chat through it?”.

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa! YouTube video is below.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Unfortunately, Skype was having a funny few moments during the call. This has made some fuzz, which is still audible in the episode. But, after the first five minutes it dies down and quickly becomes unnoticeable as you start to image yourself hiking your way to the top in stunning Norway.

The Geology And History

Preikestolen sits 604m above the fjord, created by massive glacial movement. In the podcast, Outdoorlife Norway discuss the history of how the area was formed, and the geological make up. What’s more fun, is that they discuss some folklore surrounding its formation. I’ll let you decide for yourself how Preikestolen was made!

Pine Forests and Boardwalks

A Wonderful Hike

The beauty really was outstanding. On this hike myself I was happily surprised at the “base camp” of sorts they have set up. They have a great shop full of kit and souvenirs, and they also have a food hall and a great restroom set up.

The hike can be broken into stages, which you can learn more from the podcast. For me, aside from the top and the frozen lakes, I loved the pine forest and boardwalks. Such stunning setting for my autumnal hike!

Hear also about the different kit, ideal seasons, and general fitness for the hike too. Their knowledge is fantastic and they answer a lot of frequently asked questions!

Heading up and out of the forest, towards Preikestolen and above the fjord

Wonderful Service With A Smile

Having used this company first hand I highly recommend you consider using them. In fact, I’ll say just use them. Outdoorlife Norway’s service, history, gear, and all else is fantastic. The convenience that you receive with a guide from the route to the correct kit is simply fantastic. You can click here for guides routes up Preikestolen, or click here for information on their beautiful and unique Sunrise Guided Hike up Preikestolen

Peeking over the edge! Taken from my YouTube vlog

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa! YouTube video is below.

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“Being interviewed about our passion – guiding in the Norwegian outdoors – was a true joy with Chris. He is enthusiastic and professional. He made us feel comfortable with engaging in something new to us – producing a podcast. The final result inspired us as much as Chris, and will hopefully inspire more listeners out there to pursue new outdoor adventures.”Johannes Apon, CEO Of OutdoorLife Norway, Episodes 24 And 25


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