Ski Mountaineering in the Lyngen Alps with TJ David

TJ David is, on paper, a professional skier and trail runner. In real life he is even more than that! Talking about quite possibly his favourite ski mountaineering expedition, hear TJ talk about his time in the Lyngen Alps, Norway taking in the breath-taking mountains reaching straight out of the fjords!

Hitting some popular and some untouched slopes, and finishing the day with beer in a small hut in the snow, TJ dives in to this expedition and will absolutely captivate you as you instinctively start booking your next ski trip!

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Part of a Bigger Picture

Travelling to Norway was part of a larger European ski mountaineering tour that TJ was doing. Getting the many connections up to Tromso Airport, TJ and his friends grabbed some beer, headed to the hut, and just took in the scenery.

We briefly spoke about this trip when we recorded his first interview in May 2020. It sounded incredible and jaw-dropping as he described this beautiful mountains stretching straight out of the fjord and in to the sky.

Talking about the trip in more detail, and following the imagery and photography, he really wasn’t kidding!

“If you’re willing to go a little bit further, the rewards are amazing!”

He Who Dares Wins

A slogan taken from the UK Special Forces, but totally applies to TJ here as he and his friends ventured farther to explore untouched slopes.

Casting my mind back to my skiing years ago (before I was struck with the travel bug!) it always seemed utterly crazy when people would go off-piste, or shock me by flying out of some woods and on to the slope I was on. The slopes are prepped, safe, and popular and it didn’t even occur to me that off-piste would offer so many fruits.

But, naturally, this is what TJ David excels at. Straight in to the podcast he talks about venturing onwards and past the popular slopes to backcountry that very likely has never been skied before in the Norwegian wilderness.

Sofiatinden – Sofia’s Darkside

One of the more epic slopes TJ chats about is what they called “Sofia’s Darkside”, the north side of Sofiatinden. Using rappels and mountaineering skill, the slope looks incredible from the photos on his own article.

Heading to the Lyngen Alps definitely isn’t for beginners, but there are some lines out there ready for people with some good experience – and hire a guide!

Taking Time To Have Fun

Something TJ commented on was how the slopes were a little different to other locations. Reaching 40 degrees at most and a lot of it was couloir skiing (“skiing in a tube, so to speak, where you have rock walls on both sides and a strip of snow down the middle”), it was super relaxing for these professional skiers. Using ropes for rappelling and serious mountaineering on just one day, they were able to take less gear.

The variables are reduced, the speed is increased, the stoke is elevated!

They also took some time to put the quality on the back burner for a while as they pressed on with more adventures in the Lyngen Alps.

It certainly had fewer highs and lows than the ski mountaineering trip to Patagonia!

The Lyngen Alps just reminded TJ of his love for skiing.

TJ David – More Than Just Ski Mountaineering

TJ asks his clients a lot about their “WHY”‘s. In the interviewI turned the question on to him.

There’s is so much to this personal level of reasoning and spirit. But what TJ touches upon – which I think it silently very inspirational – is his love for the daily process of improving a little bit, every single day. Making those small steps that over time produce the big picture goal. Having that long-term goal.

What is your long-term goal?

TJ is an incredible individual, with so much to give. You can check out his coaching herehis Instagram here, and more information on himself here.

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa! (“Alexa, play Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast!”).

You can read his own account of this expedition, and few more stunning photographs, by clicking here.

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TJ David

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a few podcasts and Between the Mountains has to be one of my favourites. Chris truly took the time to research my travel and career history, and that was evident through a great line of questioning that not only touched on some of my career highlights but got into the WHY behind my travel and adventures. Chris’ podcast is polished, it’s well edited and the sound quality is superb. I appreciated every aspect of the process and being involved in his epic series.” TJ David, Professional Skier And Coach, Episode 26

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