TJ David Talks Endurance, Mountains, and More

TJ David is a professional skier and endurance athlete residing in Colorado. His experience has seen him mountaineering skiing in Chamonix, kayaking in Colorado and competing in several endurance challenges such as North Face Endurance Challenge and the Indian creek fifties.

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His skill and name has been slapped onto billboards, commercials and every major publication in the industry and he even finds time still to run his own company and maintain his clients. He has an incredibly humble and experienced view on things, and it’s my pleasure to have him on the show.

An Evolution From Childhood To Profession

TJ started skiing at a young age – 3 or 4 years old – in New Jersey. From that moment he has gone on to ski his whole life. Exposing himself to tough conditions as he grew older, his skill base grew from more local slopes, to now all over the world.

After going to college on the East Coast, TJ took a trip and went to Utah. It was here, that he got his first sponsorship and work opportunities. From here, everything grew. Now, he ski’s full time, is an endurance trail runner, and runs his own coaching business

“Spending time outside… there are really strong links to an overall heightened state of being. The endorphins you get from being outside – the time spent out there – is really important for your mental health”

Balancing Capturing The Content And Living The Moment

For long term followers of TJ, you’ll know that this used to be a big thing for him. But now, his way of living in the moment is more often than not just leaving the camera at home.

More recently, his content is more lifestyle (behind the scenes like cooking and coaching), or beautiful shots taken on his long runs.

Hear further how TJ directs his photographs, but also his thoughts on living in the moment and looking after your headspace.

This caption though…

Drawing Parallels Between Skiing And The Challenges Of Life Itself

In this interview, TJ describes this rather poetic comparison of life to the downhill. How working hard at something and pushing through tough times make it all so worth it in the end because of the hard work and the rewards.

Life is a lot like climbing and reaching the top. From taxes, to starting a company, to grizzing out a side hustle you do not enjoy to make your passions work.

“These struggles are also momentary. They’re fleeting just like the good moments, so you try not to grasp on to them so much. Just to be aware that they are happening, and you are capable of moving beyond that”.

TJ David – More Than Just Ski Mountaineering

TJ asks his clients a lot about their “WHY”‘s. In the interview, I turned the question on to him.

There’s is so much to this personal level of reasoning and spirit. But what TJ touches upon – which I think it silently very inspirational – is his love for the daily process of improving a little bit, every single day. Making those small steps that over time produce the big picture goal. Having that long-term goal.

What is your long-term goal?

TJ is an incredible individual, with so much to give. You can check out his coaching here, his Instagram here, and more information on himself here

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa!

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TJ David

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be on a few podcasts and Between the Mountains has to be one of my favourites. Chris truly took the time to research my travel and career history, and that was evident through a great line of questioning that not only touched on some of my career highlights but got into the WHY behind my travel and adventures. Chris’ podcast is polished, it’s well edited and the sound quality is superb. I appreciated every aspect of the process and being involved in his epic series.”TJ David, Professional Skier And Coach, Episode 26


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