Exploring Mountains and Mindset with Jenny Tough

Exploring new questions and topics, hear Jenny Tough talk about her adventure experience and mindset. Cycling from Calgary to the Yukon, running across a mountain range on every continent, and even challenging the Moroccan Gendarmerie, read and listen about it all here!

Taking The Path Less Travelled with Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson discusses his experiences and the benefits of exploring paths less travelled. Diving into his adventure upbringing and views, this episode is sure to inspire you!

Talking Scandinavia and Resilience with Anna Blackwell

Anna Blackwell talks about adventure, Scandinavia, escapism, resilience, and lessons learned from the wild

Ray Blakney Giving the Most Insightful View on Culture, Travel, and Languages

Ray Blakney discusses growing up as a 3rd culture child, and the life and experience he has gone on to have from this upbringing. Laughing over language learning and being nomadic, this one is a must-listen!

5 Must-Do Adventures on Kauai, Hawaii

In Episode 100, hear Dustin recommend 5 Must-Do Adventures for Kauai while we laugh and joke our way to the end of a trilogy.

Exploring Wild Places and Indigenous Culture with Hayley Gendron

Hayley Gendron (@hayoui) talks about her adventurous upbringing, indigenous and environmental rights, exploring remote and wild places, falling in to a crevasse, and more

A Life of Alaskan Adventure with Luc Mehl

Luc Mehl talks about his life of adventure so far, from traversing the three highest mountains on North America, acceptable risk and being buries in an avalanche, Alaskan Wildnerness Classics, and more

The Sound of Volcanoes, Glaciers, and Rainforests with George Vlad

Listen to George Vlad talk about unusual run ins with wildlife, the importance of positivity, and enhancing the experience of the outdoors in his pursuit to record wild soundscapes.

From Adventure Travel to First Ascents with Rebecca Coles

Rebecca Coles talks to us all about first ascents, mountains, travel, why she adventures, and why you need four pairs of gloves for Scotland

What You Need to Know for Denali and Alaska

As we discuss challenges that could come up on the Road To Denali Project, Luc Mehl gives us an overview on Alaskan big mountain adventures and how to prepare for them.

Travel, The Outdoors, and Achieving Your Passions with Kierra Summer

Kierra Summer talks about her travel background, her passions, and drive. This episode delivers on positivity and manifestation!

Attempting To Cross The Darien Gap – One of the World’s Most Dangerous Jungles

Head Daniel Eggington talk about his attempt to cross the Darien Gap, and discuss preparation and research on expeditions for his re-attempt

Continuously Climbing 282 Mountains, Self-Powered – Project 282

Emily Scott chats about her epic 4 month adventure climbing all of the Scottish Munros in one go. Talking about culture, mountains, balancing friends and the outdoors, and lessons learned from the project.

Pursuing Happiness, Mountains, and Adventure with Emily Scott

Emily Scott flashbacks to multiple Ironman competitions while talking mountains, adventures, and more

Exploring Cultures and Wild Places with Ian Finch

Ian Finch talks about his experience with and passion for expeditions that explore culture and purpose. We also chat about the remote wild in the Scottish Highlands, paddling the Yukon River, and more

High-Altitude Mountains and Overcoming Challenges with Tom Livingstone

Hear Tom Livingstone talk about first ascents, climbing, and more!

Relentless Forward Progress and Record-Times with Damian Hall

Hear Damian Hall talk about motivations, ultra-running, and breaking record times.

Skydiving Everest, Himalayan Mountaineering, and More with Holly Budge

Hear Holly Budge talk about her experience skydiving above Mount Everest, mountaineering from Mount Rainier to the Himalayas, and riding semi-wild horses in Mongolia.

Exploring Fjords and Racing Icebergs in Patagonia

Preparedness, skill, and a love of Type 2 fun draws Will back to Patagonia each time. Hear about his experience kayaking in the region!