Taking The Path Less Travelled with Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson is the founder of Momentum Media: specialists in the creation of captivating outdoor content in remarkable locations. But, the origins of that company really capture the attention: bespoke adventures and expeditions which exist to give people life-changing moments in the outdoors. Matthew Robertson himself is even more than that though. His depth of passion that he has for remote and wild places is incredibly inspiring and contagious!

Diving into his insightful experiences with adventure, the episodes discusses his childhood full of adventure and the outdoors, taking the path less travelled, exploring the most incredible hidden gems in Iceland, the importance of the outdoors, the elusive ‘happiness’, and more!

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The Path Less Travelled

The key takeaway from Matthew is the clear value in taking the path less travelled; by really exploring remote places. A topic that we potentially cover in one of our very first episodes with philosopher Emily Thomas, taking the path less travelled takes you away from the more commercialised adventures and routes, and explores a deeper and more meaningful version of adventure travel.

Very early on, we start talking about Iceland, and Matthew immediately gives the perfect story to support this. There were no excursion coaches to the Golden Triangle for his trip, not even a car rental and exploring Iceland’s Route 1.

Instead, Matthew ends up crawling into a lava tube and through to a cave to listen to the water and ice. The story is a must-listen, and so much more visual!

Pursuing Happiness

We also discuss the ‘elusive’ happiness. In Matthew’s view (and I don’t disagree!) travelling is key for this. Meeting different people with different perspectives can really help you understand more about yourself and what you want, but also make you grateful for what you have.

Quite humbly, Matthew says that the happiest people he has ever met had the least material things. In his moments travelling, he met people like this who would still give you “the shirt off of their back”, which actually led to Matthew struggling to fit back into normality upon returning to the UK. In the Western World, it seems everyone is always trying to sell you something; trying to sell you happiness or tell you that you need to be better in some way.

The basics of nature, the outdoors, and simple skills and experiences spent with friends and family are the key and so necessary to happiness – and it’s through travel and adventure that Matthew has really and truly confirmed that.

A starting block for young people to do this? Aside from the Duke of Edinburgh Award: take a gap year. Meet people with different perspectives and backgrounds and flourish from there. It can be a pivotal point in your life.

Matthew Robertson

Having Matthew on the show was a complete pleasure, and I hope you enjoy it too.

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Listen on all platforms or even Ask Alexa! (“Alexa, play Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast!”).

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Matthew Robertson

“It’s always a joy to talk with a fellow lover of the outdoors, enjoy your journey and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in the future”Matthew Robertson, Outdoorsman and Founder of Momentum Life, Episode 103


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