Taking The Path Less Travelled with Matthew Robertson

Matthew Robertson discusses his experiences and the benefits of exploring paths less travelled. Diving into his adventure upbringing and views, this episode is sure to inspire you!

Continuously Climbing 282 Mountains, Self-Powered – Project 282

Emily Scott chats about her epic 4 month adventure climbing all of the Scottish Munros in one go. Talking about culture, mountains, balancing friends and the outdoors, and lessons learned from the project.

Wolters World Talks Travel Tips, Culture, and More

Mark talks about his travel history and experience and gives top travel tips for the locations that you voted for in the community. Mark is a marketing professor but more importantly, a travel genius. His main platform is YouTube where he provides honest, realistic, and engaging reviews and tips of different locations from do’s andContinue reading “Wolters World Talks Travel Tips, Culture, and More”