Exploring Mountains and Mindset with Jenny Tough

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Jenny Tough is an incredible and highly-respected member of the outdoors community. From exploring 3rd world cultures as a child, to cycling 3000km from Calgary to the Yukon, to running across a mountain range on every continent we explore and discuss new questions and topics.

The episode covers Jenny’s early experiences and exposure to adventure, processing and managing adversity, the pull of solo expeditions and the discipline it gives you, finding the rewards from hard-pressed Type 2 moments, perusing maps and planning an expedition somewhere new every night, and so much more!

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Backing Yourself – You’re Tougher Than You Think

The first adventure that Jenny completed was her solo-cycle from her home up to the Yukon. 3000km of cycling when – at the time – she didn’t even know bikes had an inner tube. She hadn’t ever done something like this before, and so only had the information available that everyone else had.

Unfortunately, that situation led to her friends and family trying to give an intervention telling her not to go. Thankfully, Jenny cracked on anyway, and the rest is history.

But, we come full circle back to this later in the interview when talking about a moment Jenny had in the Atlas mountains. Out of nowhere, the Gendarmerie arrived at her camp site to tell her she absolutely could not run across the mountain range and tried to take her away.

By this point, Jenny was far too experienced to listen to the ‘advice’ provided, but what we do explore in the podcast is how she dealt with it, and if the previous exposure to adversity had helped her.

Take a listen to find out more.

Photo Credit: Johny Cook

Exposed to Travel at a Young Age

Another edge Jenny has is her early exposure to travel, and more specifically travelling to countries who aren’t quite as fortunate as Western Society finds itself.

As a kid, Jenny was taken onto a boat with her family and spent a while travelling and being home-schooled. Although we briefly mention having to fit in and learn who the Spice Girls were, we talk about the effects of this and whether she has ever felt imposter syndrome when visiting cultures.

I think there is no hiding the fact that exposure to other perspectives can only benefit you.

Photo Credit: James Robertson

Your Problems Aren’t Real

A bit of tough love here, but it’s related… let me explain!

We talk about the benefits of travelling and the lessons learned. Experiencing 3rd World Travel and exploring corners of the globe makes you simply realise, in Jenny’s words, “your problems suck”.

Now, statistics don’t apply to the individual: you may indeed have a problem that needs to be sorted. But generally? Nope. Our minds have a terrible habit of adding unnecessary negatives onto situations, building things up, and essentially breaking ourselves down.

Jenny gives a perfect example of how she applies this, which you can hear about in the episode.

Photo Credit: Lucas Canino
Photo Credit: Ian Finch

Jenny Tough

Jenny was a brilliant guest on the show and it came out as one of my favourite episodes to date.

If you don’t already, then you must follow Jenny and her adventures on Instagram, which you can find here: @JennyTough

Jenny also has a YouTube channel and although she confesses to not updating it as much, here it is.

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Listen on all platforms or even Ask Alexa! (“Alexa, play Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast!”).

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Jenny Tough

“Coming on as a guest for Between the Mountains Adventure Podcast was an absolute pleasure. Chris has a gift for interviewing, and I felt like I was having a great chat with an old friend. I can honestly say that Chris only asked questions I hadn’t been asked before, and it was clear that he had thoroughly researched and prepared for the episode. 5/5, would podcast again :)”Jenny Tough, Endurance Runner, Adventurer, and Bikepacker, Episode 104


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