Climbing Denali

‘The High One’

Denali is a huge mountain, dominating Alaska and on my must-do list. It’s probably on yours too.

Rising 6190m into the sky, it dwarves everything around it with its prominence of 6140m. Being so far up in the globe’s northern hemisphere means that this mountain is a huge undertaking, requiring skill, know-how, and sheer tenacity.

In this episode we welcome back accomplished and highly respected/renowned Jon Gupta to the show. In case you missed it, here is his interview. Jon is one of the rare people who has succesfully reached the summit of Denali not only in it’s summer season, but also in winter. That’s right, -40 degrees Celsius winter.

The conditions aren’t exactly calm at this time of year:

Windy Conditions At 4350m Camp, Denali

After recording the interview with him we chatted through climbing Denali, the gear, the itinerary, the comparison from winter to summer. Jon shares some epic anecdotes along the way in his run-through of glacier-to-summit.

Jon also facilitated the 7 Summits World Record, completing all but one of them with Steve Plain. Listen to his exciting and fascinating episode on it here

You can find out more from Jon at

Jon runs trips from winter skills in Scotland, to climbing some very big mountains.

I want to listen, now!

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Jon Gupta

“The interview was fun, relaxed and well researched. Chris has a genuine interest and love for the mountains that made the whole podcast run really well – he does his best to get the best out of you”Jon Gupta, High-Altitude Mountain Climber And CEO Of Mountain Expeditions, Episode 21

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