Expedition In The High Sierras

Lucy Shepherd comes back for her final of three parts to the show. We talk about exploring the High Sierras, dodging avalanches, rationing food, and literally getting lost in the mountains.  

An Unexpected Expedition

Lucy starts off by explaining how this wasn’t meant to be an expedition. Lucy, her partner, and another expedition friend of theirs had decided to take a ski mountaineering trip into the High Sierras. But, with some epic scenery, exertion, and adventure this turned out to be one of her favourite expeditions!

Lucy and the team did the East-To-West traverse. It covers about 80km, but with your elevation gains takes a lot longer than your standard trail.

“It’s the easiest place ever to take the wrong passes”

Thinking it was a defined route, and based off the amount of guide companies that operate they, the team presumed it would be a busy route – much like the John Muir trail in the area over the summer.

It was nothing like that. They didn’t see a single soul, and the details were very vague.

Taking longer than the 6 days predicted, staying at an altitude of 11,000feet/3350m, climbing about 5 mountains per day, and gaining over 10,000feet/3000m elevation, hear Lucy’s epic tales of a spontaneous expedition in the high sierras.

Lucy Shepherd

Lucy is a fantastic, humble, modest, and experienced adventurer and it was a pleasure having her on the podcast.

You can check out her website here, or catch her on Instagram for regular updates here.

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