Jon Gupta Talks Everest, Expeditions, and More

In our first interview episode, we welcome Jon Gupta from Mountain Expeditions. Jon’s career has seen him swimming with turtles off the coast of Odisha, India, competing in the 430-Yukon Arctic Ultra to summiting the tallest mountains on the planet – including the tallest mountain on the planet, three times. Jon is a Montane Athlete, member of the Alpine Club, ambassador for the Youth Adventure Trust, and a member of both the Mountain Training Association and the Association of Mountaineering Instructors.

His career sees him running his own mountain expedition company – aptly called Mountain Expeditions – facilitating and taking part in the 7 summits world record, climbing mountains incredibly quickly, travelling from continent to continent, summiting Everest three times, giving his time to host and run altitude and skill seminars, and still finds the time to escape to places like Chamonix and Scotland for some me-time.

Be Bothered

One of the key take-aways you should take from this, is Jon’s infectious attitude to “Be Bothered”. It’s similar to Lucy Shepherd’s view too.

You know when you wake up, need the loo, don’t go, carry on not going, keep trying to sleep, and then two hours later you go and fall alseep within five minutes of having done so? This is the exact situation where Jon says you should “Be Bothered”.

Quite often when you finish a day on expedition, all you will want to do is sit back and relax. But really, you can’t. Especially when it comes to high altitude. You need to get your kit prepped, square away your admin, melt snow for the next day’s water… everything.

There’s no need to explain further, but Jon does explain how you can practice for this in everyday life. Things like taking out the recycling. You may think “I’ll do it later”. But instead, you should “Be Bothered” and get it done straight away.

Much like the gym, this works for your physical fitness preparation too. His own example was cycling uphill. Instead of looking at the hill as a total point, he says instead to break it down to manageable distances, and repeat those small distance intervals until you reach the top.

If you want to grow as a person, or simply prepare for the high-altitude mountains, do this.

Inverse clouds, what a dream!

Short Term Loss, Long Term Gain

Jon touches upon this too – and it is so relatable!

Talking from experience, we all need to start thinking what our long-term goals are. It doesn’t mean you need to stop living today. Just a reminder to start thinking of where you want to be, and is what you’re doing right now going to get you there.

A Deep And Vast Experience

Jon has a huge experience in climbing Everest, Denali and the rest of the 7 summits. He has speed records and experience in such huge experience.

Hear how Jon compares the North and South approaches on Everest, climbing mountains, dealing with altitude, endurance races, living in North Wales and more.

An incredible view from Elbrus!

I want to listen, now!

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Jon Gupta

“The interview was fun, relaxed and well researched. Chris has a genuine interest and love for the mountains that made the whole podcast run really well – he does his best to get the best out of you”Jon Gupta, High-Altitude Mountain Climber And CEO Of Mountain Expeditions, Episode 21


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