Travel, The Outdoors, and Achieving Your Passions with Kierra Summer

Kierra Summer is a travel photographer coming out of Alberta, Canada. With her unique entry in to this lifestyle, Kierra has worked and manifested her way towards her view of success. Having built an engaged and brilliant following, Kierra only builds more and more on to her beautiful photography and travel CV.

In this episode we talk about doing what you love, a free trip to Costa Rica, a dodgy experience from saying “yes” to everything, absorbing the knowledge of others, building an engaging audience and staying consistent, Kierra’s travel history, summer hikes in Canada, fast-track exploring countries in Europe, getting fired up for the work as well as the end-goal, van life, gender stereotypes, Alberta and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, unique and quiet Canadian mountain ranges, having no expectations with travel, living in the moment vs. capturing the moment, balancing the future and the present, manifestation, creating your opportunities, and of course: positivity.

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Feeling At Home With Your Passions

Kierra has a very unique entry into this world of travel photography: entering giveaways. Although it’s clear that she would have worked her way to this point by any means, Kierra chose a strategy of entering as many giveaways as possible… and struck gold!

Receiving a message from Ryan Resatka in the early hours of the morning, Kierra had won a free trip to Costa Rica!

Arriving a few days early to take in the sights and get comfortable… Kierra decided to get uncomfortable. Choosing to say “yes” to everything that came her way proved an interesting experience… you can listen to more in the podcast!

When the trip got underway, Kierra just became a sponge to Ryan and Brayden listening to every bit of advice, photographing everything she could, and learning how to finish the product in her own way.

“You can do whatever you want, you just have to start”

Staying Consistent

Staying consistent with the bigger picture and goal starts with small day-to-day things. For Kierra, it was ensuring she posted on Instagram the same time every day. This was key though: it wasn’t because she felt she had to, but rather because it kept a structure to her day. It wasn’t for likes or follows: it was for fun. The result is an audience which is organic and engaging – something so many of you could learn from.

Fast forward to now and Kierra has had a complete character transformation. As with anyone who loves what they do, she used to have anxiety leaving house, now she has it coming back home! Travelling is now a part of who she is.

For Keirra, success is doing your passion. Putting things to one side and pushing on despite the judgements or views of others.

“I feel like you get more accomplishment out of recognising the whole day instead of the one thing that you did.”


In the episode, we talk a lot about manifestation and saying ‘yes’ to leave doors open.

As we reference previous guest Holly Budge, Kierra is a big example of how simply saying ‘yes’ to opportunities and leaving those doors open to progress can lead you to beautiful places – metaphorically and literally!

It is all about taking risk and pushing yourself out of your comfort zones to chase after your passions and dreams – nothing will happen otherwise. No-one is going to come up to you and randomly award you your dream career/expedition/travel. You’ve got to go out there and make it happen yourself!

“When you start advocating for yourself and saying ‘yes’ and pushing yourself past your comforts because you know something is going to make you happy… things literally radiate towards you”

Kierra Summer

Having Kierra on the show was an utter delight. Her passion and love for travel and photography really shines through, and I hope you all get something out of the episode.

Give Kierra a follow on Instagram and check out her beautiful photography, and also check out her website.

I want to listen, now!

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