Travel, The Outdoors, and Achieving Your Passions with Kierra Summer

Kierra Summer talks about her travel background, her passions, and drive. This episode delivers on positivity and manifestation!

Exploring The Highlands With Atlas Mountaineering – 5 Must-Do Adventures

Atlas Mountaineering break-down 5 must-do adventures in the Scottish Highlands, from ice-climbing and skiing, to hiking and rock climbing.

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Hear Dustin from That Adventure Life tell you some must-do adventures on Oahu, Hawaii

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The Canadian Rockies are an outdoor haven for hiking, mountain, travel photographers, and nature enthusiasts. Hear about day hikes, backpacking, and ridges in the Canadian Rockies that you must-do!

Balancing Passions and Professions With @MyNamesNiki

The Unanswered Question How do you balance your passions with your profession… which may also be a passion of yours? Seeing Niki’s updates and life as a medical student mixed with rock climbing caught my attention. Realising that there was more to this situation than the sport itself, we decided to do take a diveContinue reading “Balancing Passions and Professions With @MyNamesNiki”

Ski Mountaineering Across Patagonia

Hear TJ talk through his van life roadtrip Ski Mountaineering in Patagonia. From mountains, to powder, to dodgy cash exchanges this episode has it all!

Renee Roaming Talks Travel, National Parks and More

Renee Roaming joins the show to discuss her travelling background, US National Parks, and more.

#HomeIsWhereYouParkIt – Adventuring Across The US

Van Life in North America seems to be incredible. Hear how Colin decided to spend his year heading North from Mexico, mountain biking, rock climbing, and National Park hopping.

TJ David Talks Endurance, Mountains, and More

TJ David talks endurance, mountains and more. Hear TJ David speak about his passions, and his ‘whys’

#HomeIsWhereYouParkIt – Australia

Saving for years, spending more-than-the-price-of-a-guitar on shipping his guitar, and grabbing his passport, Ali and his partner headed to Australia. Their plan? Live the Van Life for a year, roadtrippin’ across Australia. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa!