Exploring Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is a gem of the Pacific Northwest Region. Scattered with mountains, forests and wildlife, hear Melissa’s anecdotes and information on Olympic National Park.

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The Tip Of The US

Olympic National Park takes you to the most North Western tip of the lower 48 states – even giving you some Canadian signal at one point!

Flying into Seattle, you’re going to need a car. It’s quite the roadtrip (make sure you have the essentials with you!) to get to the first spot in this million-acre Park!

As we move through the podcast, or if you want more detail, please check out Melissa’s own blog on the park with her ’10 Best Things To Do’ in Olympic National Park.

Hurricane Ridge is the first sport on her itinerary. This is a beautiful spot to take in the expansive mountains, maybe even a chance of seeing some inverse clouds! Well worth the slight diversion.

Lake Crescent is the next stop over with beautiful views and moody weather. Afterwards, you can stop off at two great hikes. Hear in the podcast for more details, one of them is a real thigh burner! Or, remember to check out Melissa’s article for written details (it includes Google Maps!).

The PNW National Parks

Inviting Melissa on to talk about Olympic National Park was a real pleasure. That whole region of the US is filled with such enticing views, scenery and wildlife.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Melissa’s session on A Weekend In Mount Rainier National Park, her written words on it, or blog, or Instagram (where she is most active).

It was such a pleasure to sit back and hear Melissa’s anecdotes and recommended itinerary. Especially recording at the start of the pandemic, it was great to be virtually whisked away to this gorgeous and stunning setting.

Melissa is also a fantastic person doing a lot for the outdoors community, climate, and social justice. Her interview with us is here and I recommend you check it out!

Just Get Me To Washington Already!

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa!

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“Talking to Chris was like talking to a friend over beers. I really appreciated the time Chris spent researching to develop relevant and meaningful questions! Would love to chat again!”Melissa Miller, Occupational Therapist, Travel Blogger, And Social Marketer, Episode 37


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