Trekking The Kanuka Mountains, Guyana

As the world globalises more and more, it seems harder and harder to find something that no-one has done before. Yet, they are still incredible adventurers, like Lucy Shepherd, who still manage to do so.

After having a more-than-dodgy experience with a Jaguar the last time she visited the jungle, Lucy returned to trek across the Kanuka Mountains.

Scratching That Itch

After her last time in the jungle, Lucy can’t be blamed for swearing off ever returning again. The jungle is a place where everything is just designed to kill you.

As the years (and expeditions) went on, though, there was something missing.

Lucy was achieving so much; all of her adventure boxes were being ticked. Challenging? Check. Risky moments? Got ’em. Lots of these moments? Absolutely!

But, there was still something that wasn’t quite testing her. It didn’t take long for Lucy realised she had to go back to the jungle.

Finding Her ‘Why’s

In her interview, we spoke about balancing ‘achievement’ and ‘escapism’. In Lucy’s case, the latter comes before the former. While she had her ‘escapism’ reason to go, her partner pressed her – and with good reason, the last time she went to the jungle there was a rather uncomfortable experience with a jaguar.

Knowing that she wanted to head back to Guyana, Lucy started making a few phone calls and exploring her options. It was at this point she discovered the Kanukus. Despite attempts across the hard terrain, no-one was yet to complete crossing the region. With that, Lucy had her ‘achievement’ found, and got the planning in motion.

Listen to the podcast to find out more about Lucy’s prep and expedition across the jungle!

Lucy Shepherd

Lucy is a fantastic, humble, modest, and experienced adventurer and it was a pleasure having her on the podcast.

You can check out her website here, or catch her on Instagram for regular updates here.

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