The Road To Denali

Photo Credit: Jon Gupta

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This series, running alongside the regular Between The Mountains schedule, is the journey of my expedition specific training from a beginner to the summit of Denali.

The Goal

The Road To Denali series is to provide value to you: to educate, inform, and help experience the wonders of the world.

Episodes – released monthly – will consist of experts in their field who can provide tips and techniques to make the most from any adventure. Topics such as altitude, kit lists, avalanche safety, climate change etc will be covered.

They will all relate to Denali, but will be transferable to the your own expeditions (both small and large).

While I produce these episodes, I will be self-funding as much as I can and seeking sponsorship/advertising from relevant brands for the larger, key elements.

As the listener, all you have to do is sit back, enjoy, and consider making a charitable donation to Mind Over Mountains.

The Journey So Far

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My Story

I grew up in a village in the English countryside, with walks and bike rides taking up so many of my weekends. 

With the highest point in my county being 295m, and a holiday to the Scottish Highlands being unheard of, I was only briefly introduced to the mountains when skiing as a teenager. Now, it is only in my recent adult years that I have truly discovered the mountains.

As the travel bug and adventure addiction grow ever-deeper within me, Denali has been a goal of mine. I’ve always stated “I want to climb Denali sometime” or “I’d love to go to Denali someday”. But, let’s change the language on that.

I’m going to climb Denali May 2023. My 30th birthday present from me to me.

From a small English village (140m), to just under the Arctic Circle at the summit of Denali (6190m), I am going to be documenting the journey from a hiker to mountaineer – while providing value to you!

Check out the first episode to learn more about my why’s, goals, and what value you can get here

The Challenges

The main challenge I face is balance. As a single-father, my time will be spread between parenting in one half of my time, and all things preparation in the other half.

“My ethos has always been not just to tell my daughter how to live, but to show her how to live”

What the outdoor teaches is perspective, and a connection to the natural world. As my experience of travel has grown, so has my love for adventure tenfold.

As a beginner to this, I will need to make my training expedition specific to Denali.

Taking you along the journey, the primary challenge will be funding. As a facilitator, money will be the only thing that delays – not cancels – my climb of Denali.

My Love For The Uncomfortable

Self-development comes form leaning into that uncomfortable zone and growing your skill set.

I first climbed the British National Peaks over Winter. Ben Nevis, the tallest one, was during a storm. We had set the dates before the forecast, and so we mitigated as much risk as we could.

In all honesty? I loved it. I think this is the moment my passion for the cold environments, the challenge, the feeling of living, and the fire for mountaineering ignited:

The moment I knew the mountains were for me

I’m by no means the most ‘extreme’ adventurer. But it certainly has a place in my heart. If nothing else, the cold and the elements make you feel more alive – and what is life if you’re not living it?

Keeping the training expedition specific to Denali, I will be taking you all along the journey – which provides a fantastic chance to jump on board and sponsor now. I want to be able to recommend some fantastic brands as they securely take me from Scottish Highlands to Denali.

Charity – Supporting Those In Need

In doing this, I also want to give back. 10% of sponsorship and advertising raised will be donated to Mind Over Mountains charity.

They do incredible work helping those whose mental health is suffering by getting them outdoors, providing counselling, and teaching mindfulness.

This is just a small way that I want to give to those in need of support and assistance.

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