Marta Kulesza

“Recording podcasts with Chris was like meeting an old friend for a coffee, whom you haven’t seen for a while, but have tons of stories to exchange. He was genuinely interested in everything I had to say about my travels through the Canadian Rockies and the Italian Dolomites (spoiler: it was a lot) and we kept talking long after the record button was switched off. His passion for outdoor adventure shines through and he found a way to connect all of us adventure junkies in his podcast” 

Marta Kulesza, Travel Writer at In A Far Away Land, Episodes 61 and 71

Emily Scott

“Recording Between The Mountains with Chris was an absolute pleasure. He quelled any initial nerves I had as soon as we met (on Zoom) and we ended up chatting away for the best part of an hour before we even started recording! When we actually got into the nitty gritty, it was very clear that Chris had done his research and I was impressed at the level of detail and thought that went into his questions. It was a bit embarrassing when he quoted one of the corny things I’d previously said back to me though!! Chris was so easy to talk to and it didn’t feel at all like a contrived meeting, but we could have just as easily been at the pub or out for a hike together.” 

Emily Scott, Ski Instructor, Mountain Leader, Endurance Athlete, and Adventurer, Episode 91

Jenny Wordsworth

“I had an absolute blast doing this podcast and was actually sad when our time was up! Having a host who has done their homework is something I’ve found to be critical when appearing as a guest and I’m sure it’s more enjoyable for the listeners too. Chris entirely delivers on that front so a great experience all round”

Jenny Wordsworth, Polar Explorer and Endurance Athlete, Episode 80

Ian Finch

“Between The Mountains podcast was one of the most thorough and enjoyable to date. Chris’s questions were well researched, planned, and delivered and brought us into a really inspiring and engaging conversation about adventure and why we do what we do. Chris’s enthusiasm shone throughout! Also great to be linked via Sidetracked Magazine” 

Ian Finch, Expedition Leader and Photographer, Episode 89

Alex Staniforth

“There’s loads of podcasts nowadays, but a real difference between those with a genuine passion for sharing people’s stories, and those for self-promotion. Chatting with Chris instantly felt more like sharing stories with a friend on some far-flung expedition. His professionalism and enthusiasm brought refreshing and fascinating questions, and we could have chatted all day!”

Alex Staniforth, Endurance Athlete and Founder of Mind Over Mountains, Episode 79

Dustin Thompson

I have been lucky enough to record several episodes of the Between The Mountains Podcast with Chris. His interviews are really top notch. He asks the perfect questions and gives his listeners a great glimpse into not only the adventures that he covers, but also a look into those who are out there pushing the boundaries of what humans are capable of. I can’t wait to see what he has coming next and I look forward to being a part of more episodes in the future. Not only did I get a chance to be a part of something really cool in the Between The Mountains Podcast, but I gained an awesome friend as well. Keep up the great work Chris!

Dustin Thompson,, several episodes

Tim Howell

“I love talking to people on the same wavelength. While chatting to Chris I could really feel his interest and passion for the outdoors. The podcast was really professional, high quality and I’m looking forward to an opportunity to appear on it again!”

Tim Howell, BASE Jumper and Mountaineer, Episode 77

Holly Budge

“It was a pleasure being interviewed by Chris on his podcast. His passion for adventure and his dedication to producing a great podcast shone through.”

Holly Budge, first woman to skydive above Everest, mountaineer, adventurer, and conservationist. From Episode 85

Will Copestake

“Of all the podcasts I’ve done, Chris’ interview was without doubt the most well researched I’ve ever enjoyed taking part in. A few times he brought up a few parts of my past that I’d honestly forgotten about, he even researched some of my family history. The effort Chris puts in to prepare really shows in his questions, which were completely original and really made me think reflectively on how to answer them, all balanced with good humour like talking to a friend at the bar. I seriously look forward to recording the next one.”

Will Copestake, Expedition Leader, Episode 78

Miss Rover

“Talking to Chris was like talking to a friend over beers. I really appreciated the time Chris spent researching to develop relevant and meaningful questions! Would love to chat again!”

Melissa Miller, Occupational Therapist, Travel Blogger, And Social Marketer, Episode 37