Exploring Fjords and Racing Icebergs in Patagonia

Patagonia is a region covering Chile and Argentina at the bottom of South America. Littered with mountains, fjords, glaciers, lakes, and more Will Copestake returns for a second episode. This time talking about his expeditions in Patagonia. Kayaking along the coastline, exploring the fjords, and camping next to glaciers, Will takes us talks with us about ending each season of guiding in the area with an expedition.

Will seems to have an action packed or funny story behind every comment in this episode, displaying the depths of experience found here. With Type 2 fun written all over this, give it a listen with the links below.

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The Last Great Wilderness

Very early on, Will reminds us that Patagonia is referred to as one of the last great wildernesses. Many will visit the region thinking this is the first and only time they will ever be there.

Will, however, has placed himself in a position where he is fortunate enough to guide here in season, and finish up by taking a kayak on an expedition – an agreement with your boss that you won’t really find anywhere else!

Battling 50mph winds regularly on the Chilean side, you are often a minimum of 100km from the nearest town. This Type 2 fun is all a part of the journey and experience though. The 30+ day expeditions could be made quicker by following the coast only, but it is searching in and exploring the fjords that are the real fruit for Will.

Not only that, but you can experience something here that should be so sought after: some ‘Mental Silence’, as Will puts it. Just the ability to be in your own head and sort the world out within it alongside this incredible and untouched wilderness.

Racing icebergs out of the fjord


As with most things, if it was easy then everyone would do it. To gain permission to do this, you have to put in the work… and then present it to the Navy! Brushing up on his Spanish, and to name only a few things, Will had to demonstrate knowledge of 4 or 5 potential overnight grid reference points for each night, knowledge of the region and his own skill, and then finish by showing their first float test full laden with kit.

But, it’s not just the presentation to the Navy. You have to know what you’re doing, and contacts always help! Using unwanted dry food from a friend’s Antarctic company, Will draws upon his experience of a 364 day expedition in the Highlands, which included self-circumnavigating and kayaking the entire Scottish coastline!

Everyone starts somewhere, but this is a place that you don’t want to rush to without the proper backing of yourself!

Solidification Of Friendship

I have had the pleasure of interviewing so many fantastic explorers about their experience and expeditions. Will is amongst one of the first to talk about something that I think needs to be remembered more by all of us: just exploring with a friend.

On this point, I could really relate with my experience of climbing Ben Nevis with my close friend.

Will talks quite fondly how this expedition offered the chance for his old friendship to solidify further with having each other’s backs and spending a month in the untouched wilderness of Patagonia, surrounded by mountains and glaciers.

Why not plan an adventure yourself today with a close friend?

About to drop the hottest record…

Will Copestake

Will is an inspiring adventurer and expedition leader. It was a pleasure to have him on the show and to sit back and talk about what Patagonia has to offer.

If you want to book your own canoe or kayak trip with him (like I have for the Highlands!) then you can follow the link here. You can kayak or canoe with him in the Scottish Highlands, or even arrange your own Patagonia trip through him too!

Alternatively, keep up with his experiences and photography with his website Will Copestake Media or his Instagram.

I want to listen, now!

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Will Copestake

“Of all the podcasts I’ve done, Chris’ interview was without doubt the most well researched I’ve ever enjoyed taking part in. A few times he brought up a few parts of my past that I’d honestly forgotten about, he even researched some of my family history. The effort Chris puts in to prepare really shows in his questions, which were completely original and really made me think reflectively on how to answer them, all balanced with good humour like talking to a friend at the bar. I seriously look forward to recording the next one.”Will Copestake, Expedition Leader, Episode 78

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