Exploring The Highlands With Atlas Mountaineering – 5 Must-Do Adventures

The Scottish Highlands are just truly breath-taking. After my recent trip there, I left just knowing I had to do an episode on this… but with someone who knows the highlands a hell of a lot better than I!

That’s where Atlas Mountaineering comes in. Connor, who runs the company, knows the highlands so well. We got together to chat about 5 Must Do adventures in the Highlands.

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Cuillin Ridge, Isle of Skye

“Be as flexible as you can and be prepared to work with the weather”

The Scottish Highlands

I still remember the first time I drove to the highlands. Although I had been to stunning Edinburgh before, I hadn’t been North of that. So, in February 2020, when I embarked on climbing Ben Nevis, I saw it for the first time.

In my ignorance, I hadn’t realised how far North it really was, and that Ben Nevis – although low down in the range – is very much still the Highlands.

We were completely surrounded by such beautiful scenery with snow topped mountains all around, and windy rounds twisting and turning our way to Fort William.

It took my breath away.

Then, earlier this year I spent two weeks there and fell in love with the Cairngorms National Park. We also took in sights of the Highlands as we took a day long, 15 hour roadtrip up to Ullapool, down to Isle of Skye, and back across Fort William to where we were staying opposite Dundee.

Skiing In Scotland

Adventures With Atlas Mountaineering

Connor was a fantastic choice for this episode. Living in the Highlands himself, he spoke from the heart as we talked through 5 must-do adventures in the Scottish Highlands.

For myself, I am starting to look into mountaineering; I’m going to climb Denali one day. Starting the session off discussing climbing Tower Ridge on Ben Nevis, and then discussing ice-climbing a little later was captivating and inspiring.

“Even at the ski resorts the slopes are so quiet compared to alpine resorts”

To then add climbing, hiking, sleeping under the stars, and skiing into the mix makes for an exciting episode that just makes me want to escape in the car for 8 hours to the Highlands!

I really recommend that you check out Connor’s website, and if you happen to book a trip with him let him know that you heard about him here! Enjoy the episode!

I want to listen, now!

Listen on SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, and all other platforms; just search “Between The Mountains” or Ask Alexa! (“Alexa, play Between The Mountains Adventure Podcast!”).

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