Lotta Hintsa Talks Mountains, Endurance, Mindset and More

An Inspirational And Eclectic Background

Lotta is a truly inspirational woman who you certainly can’t place into one category – and for good reason. Lotta has a masters degree in economics and volunteers. Having recently completed a 24 hour endurance challenge and returned from Lofoten, Lotta sat down for an interview with us to talk about mountains and more.

In 2013 she was crowned Miss Finland and while continuing with modelling and entertainment work is now a mountaineer having scaled mountains such as G2, Mont Blanc, Gran Paradiso, Broad Peak, West Spanish Peak, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua… and despite all of these and more her Mum still calls it hiking!

Kicking the interview off, we talk about training in the high mountains of Colorado to the lower altitudes of Finland. Lotta sticks to a hard regime of training and stays disciplined to keep that up, while keeping her other business in entertainment functioning.

Growing up in Ethiopia surrounded by the mountains there, she recalls how the culture and landscape impacted her. When flying past Kilimanjaro (Tanzania) as a kid she remembers just thinking to herself “I’m going to climb that one day”. You either that want to climb in your, or you don’t, and I agree.

The Feeling Of The Mountains

You can train as much as you like, but when you actually reach where you’ve been planning to go – in this case the high mountains and the Karakoram – the feeling is incredible.

“… that’s the coolest part: When it starts hurting, when it starts getting tiring, you’ve just got to focus”

The Karakoram holds a special place in Lotta’s heart, and is sorely missed as we go through the pandemic lockdown that is the year 2020. Starting from camp early each day and carrying half your weight on your back, putting one foot in front of the other.

It’s rewarding and her decision to be completely natural on the mountains (carry her own kit, doesn’t use supplemental oxygen) has not only been trained in to her by Don Bowie, but is supported by her body’s clear natural ability to deal with altitude well. It’s like she has hit the ground running.

A Passion for Climbing

Lotta’s drive and motivation is paramount in everything she does, which you can follow along with her Instagram. Throughout her entertainment and modelling career, Lotta has kept up her passions and now she is focussing on them even more.

Although currently back in Finland, training with Don Bowie in Colorado has only strengthened this. It’s one thing to enjoy getting out of your comfort zone, but when your trainer says you’re not in discomfort if you enjoy it, you know you’re in it to get the results.

“That’s the thing with altitude, you’ve just got to go up there to see how you tolerate it. Other people will collapse at 3000m, and others can summit Everest without [supplemental] oxygen”

It is not just a passion for the mountains you need though; you need the mindset too. We explore that in some depth as we discuss what it takes to understand that not coming home at all is the only true failure, getting to the summit isn’t everything, and more.

I’ve often thought that the mountains – and travel in general – helps one to become more appreciative. Those huge chunks of rock being pushed over millions of years by tectonic plates, growing further into the sky can provide you with some perspective. Your problems, more often than not, really aren’t worth worrying about. Lotta seems to have this appreciation too as she discusses some of the Ethiopian people. She calls those trying to provide for their families as warriors, and contrasts this to typical Western culture where so many are upset when they don’t have the newest ‘thing’.

You go back to basics in the mountains.

Hearing from Ethiopia to Lapland, Colorado to the Karakoram, it was a pleasure to have Lotta on the show. Hear more about her history and explore her career and passions further with the podcast.

I want to listen, now!

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