#HomeIsWhereYouParkIt – Australia

Saving for years, spending more-than-the-price-of-a-guitar on shipping his guitar, and grabbing his passport, Ali and his partner headed to Australia. Their plan? Live the Van Life for a year, roadtrippin’ across Australia.

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Home Is Where You Park It

I first saw this quote on one of Ali’s photos. Before I had even completed my first roadtrip, I learned of his plans.

Ali is one of my closest friends, and at this stage I hadn’t fully understood these passions. Naturally, I was happy for him. But I didn’t fully understand. The last time I had done anything truly interested was a family holiday to ski in Italy in 2013. We had struggled to keep in touch for various reasons for the years prior to this, and now he was already going, and for a year?!

For the next 12 months I saw him just so happy. For 10 months he moved up and down Australia living out of his van. Visiting Tasmania, driving up to Sydney, visiting National Parks. You can hear all about it in the podcast. After those 10 months, I got to see him move his away up South East Asia.

This is what opened my eyes to travelling more long-term, and living the van life.

Ali is also the man who writes the music for this podcast, and is a ridiculously talented guy. I would recommend listening to this track here and consider following him. Legally. On the internet. Not in person. This is a fantastic track of his that builds up leaving you feeling fulfilled, reflective, and positive!

The best track you will hear today

Living Out Van Life

There are so many fascinating stories from people all over the world who travel with the use of a trusty camper van that I thought a series dedicated to this type of travel was needed!

Ali travelled the East Coast of Australia for 10 months covering Tasmania and the Bay of Fires, driving the Great Ocean Road and visiting Kangaroo Valley.

I want to listen, now!

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