Exploring The Unexplored In India

On this whopper of an episode we welcome James to the show. During the podcast, James just kept delivering on detail, locations, tips and his language was wonderfully descriptive; we just had to keep going.

If you have any interest in somewhere new, India or travelling to India I highly recommend you get a drink and some snacks, strap in, and listen away.

James describes the people as truly amazing, with such rich history and culture. The original desire was to do the golden triangle. What James eventually did was drive around the country exploring all of India’s know and hidden secrets, and stumbling across some big cats along the way!

“They said they had never had a tourist in their town”

In this episode, we start in Mumbai, and James takes us through his itinerary step-by-step. Providing fantastic detail and information. James gets truly immersed in the culture, and is sure to captivate you with his story.

I want to listen, now!

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