Backcountry Camping At Spirit Island

Backcountry camping is something that entices so many of us. In this episode, hear how Chloë Chapdelaine went out on her first backcountry camping trip.

Travelling to Jasper National Park, Chloë describes spontaneous trips, beautiful visuals, and a stunning trip overall.

If you missed Chloë’s interview, read more and listen here.

A Quick Trip Packing A Punch

The trip to Spirit Island had already been postponed for Chloë beforehand. Travelling five hours out to location, she was called in to work last minute.

Determined to get out and do this, Chloë simply rescheduled.

Her friend Oscar had been keeping an eagle eye on the camp spots. They can get booked up quickly, and the moment one became available they jumped at the opportunity!

Spirit Island

It sounds like an incredible trip. Hear in this episode how Chloë and Oscar faced strong headwinds, canoeing across a lake, and heading out for golden hour early in the morning and catch sunrise.

Chloë Chapdelaine

A fantastic place to start with Chloë, other than her Instagram page, is with her blog which you can checkout here. She has wonderful insights and fantastic journeys. You can also check out her composing page we discussed by clicking here.

If you’re going to start anywhere, you have to read this humorous blog Chloë did on over-hearing people’s odd conversation on holiday.

You should also check out her shop. There’s some beauty products… but also some beloved adventure products for yourselves! Check it out here and bag yourself a bargain.

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