A Weekend In Lake Tahoe

Clear Water, Mountains On All Sides

Lake Tahoe is a great place for a not-so-short roadtrip away on the weekend (7-8 hours from Southern California) and offers some of the best kayaking in the area. Dustin from That Adventure Life knows all too well how beautiful it is there and the adventures to be had.

In this episode, Dustin goes over a perfect weekend itinerary: a kayak, via ferrata, and hike. Then, back in time for work on Monday! Or, for those outside of California, add this to your own itinerary and don’t go back to work on Monday!

At 1,897m, the water can get cold there (bring your skis!). So Dustin has mostly gone in April-July for the warmer months. It’s the best time for adventure and relaxing there.

A Weekend Itinerary

Kicking off the trip with kayaking, you can explore the lake launching from Sand Harbour. There are kayaks to rent here if you don’t have the kit. Cruising down the coastline is a wonderful drive, but with smaller parking spaces and busy location, Dustin recommends you get there early!

The via ferrata seems the most exciting to me. The route up has some beautiful views, and some great stories. One talks of a tree with a ski bolted to it. Why? A skier once crashed there. But to have views over the lake after a day of kayaking on it seems beautiful. If you’re going to do it, choose the four hour slot!

You have pine trees, mountain landscape and teal waters. To top it off, you can watch a beautiful sunset at Chimney Beach. What a perfect way to round off your trip.

If you want to read more information, check out That Adventure Life’s articles, or check out their YouTube.

In addition, listen to his podcast with us below.

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