Backpacking Through The Philippines

Beautiful Beaches, Delicious Fruit, and King Philip II of Spain

The Philippines is a collection of over 7000 islands in South East Asia and attracts tourists from all over the world – pandemic aside. It is a country that can provide history and culture in the capital, and beautiful nature on its surrounding islands.

This is my second podcast interviewing a guest, the first officially for “Between The Mountains”, and made for a very multi-cultural interview; a Brit interviewing a Chinese-Canadian staying in Vietnam about the Philippines. The world is a wonderful place.

A Journey Across The Islands

The Philippines is a place on my bucket list to explore, with places like El Nido, Palawan and Coron Islands naturally on the list to visit! When I do go, I will be using things like this budget trip article from Bags Always Packed to help me.

Starting the episode discussing history and culture, and the expectations of it. We also discuss the friendliness of the people there, supporting so much of what I have heard about this place. Rick compares Thailand – a place he describes as friendly but for your tourism money – with little situations in the Philippines like a local paying for his food out of kindness.

Rick discusses his day by day itinerary travelling across the country as he backpacked through South East Asia; perfect for researching or reminiscing your own trip! Join us as he hikes mountains, catches ferries, visits historical sites, and discovers secret beaches.

Sometimes It’s Not All It Seems

Something I find interesting about Rick’s account of the Philippines is that it doesn’t always meet your expectations. So many people speak so highly of the country (well, perhaps not the capital) and yet Rick’s experience differs.

This is seen every where. I personally compare Naples to real-life Gotham, and I have friends who find places like Cambodia completely horrible, even though they only went there from recommendation in the first place.

Rick expected to find a rather colonial country with so much history, and it wasn’t all that he imagined it to be, despite how incredible the trip was. He also admits that travelling in tropical season wasn’t the smartest idea either.

I really like and appreciate the honest account of his trip – which certainly isn’t all doom and gloom. There are so many wonderful moments, including the featured photo which was their own special moment on the trip. You’ll have to listen to find out where this secret location was!

I want to listen, now!

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